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Vaccination CENTRE


CENTRE Sarkari Sec NHigh Sec Dahikhed
STATE Gujarat
ADDRESS Sarkari Sec And High Sec Scl Dahikhed
Location Kaparada
PINCODE 396065
Start Time 10:30:00
End Time 15:30:00

Note: As per Union Health Ministry of India, max price set for COVID-19 Covishield Vaccine per dose through private Hospital is Rs. 780 inclusive of GST.

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Tentative Location of Sarkari Sec NHigh Sec Dahikhed Vaccination Center on Map

Vaccination Sessions on 06-01-2022

Available Capacity: 2
Available Capacity Dose1: 1
Available Capacity Dose2: 1
Fees: ₹ 0
Minimum Age: 15
Vaccine: COVAXIN

Vaccination Sessions on 04-01-2022

Available Capacity: 10
Available Capacity Dose1: 10
Available Capacity Dose2: 0
Fees: ₹ 0
Minimum Age: 15
Vaccine: COVAXIN

Important Note: As we are working with the live COVID19 data and frequently updating the website, there can be discrepancies sometimes which will be resolved in the validation process later. Please use this information only for awareness purpose and not for taking any decisions.

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